Supermodel Solvita Blodziņa


New York City

September 5th, 2011



By Laura Korpa




Solvita, how long have you been doing professional modeling? I know that you also do make-up, please tell me about that.


- I have been involved with fashion professionally since 1998, 13 years ago. After 3 years of studies, I got a Costume Demonstrator Education in 1998. Having a Clothing Designer Education is an excellent addition for being in the Fashion industry. After the School of Modeling I had a lot of job offers as a model in Fashion shows. I learned everything about photos when I was an administrator in a photo studio in 2003. After the courses of Stylist, I had a great opportunity to get experience as a make up artist working in a Studio for 3 years. Together with amazing photographer, Svens Klāve, We launched photo studio SHALY STUDIO. I continued working as a manager of the photo studio and Make Up Artist. During my work I always had opportunities to be a part of interesting projects as a model – photo, catwalk, shows, etc. Since 2010 I've also been ballet dancing in the show 'TOUCH'.



How did you join the Drag Racing Championship?


- I have been working in cooperation with Forsāža Magazine already 5 years. SHALY STUDIO is making photo sessions for Forsāža, for the cover and style pages – a girl with a car. And also once a year with me as a model. For the rest of the magazine, I'm working as a stylist and make up artist, and because of that, we are making stylist pages.

The events of Drift and Drag Racing are approximately 2-4 times per year, from April until September. As a result of our successful cooperation, the manager of the event chooses me as a model for their advertising posters. The last show is today - 4th of September in Biķernieki, Rīga. I also had experience as a model in Creta's Drift Competition in May of 2008, Heraklion (Creta).



Please tell everybody more about the 4th of September, 2011.


- That day was the end of the season and final competition of Latvian and Estonian Drag Racing Championship „ Dragrace Cup 2011” is today in Biķernieki in Complex Sports Facility. All the regional leaders of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland were there. The fastest drag racing drivers and motocyclists, as well as the competitors of the end of the season with marvelous motorcycle stunt show, was glorify Jānis Rozītis, the multiple streetbike freestyle Champion of North Europa and Russia. At the competition, Ilmārs Zausajevs was also participate with his legendary CARBON Destroyer, which exceeded on the order of 1200 HP.



Who is your photographer? Please tell me more about him.


- My photographer is the photographer of my Studio, and my colleague, Svens Klāve. He has a wide experience in photographing models, fashion and style photos.... It's easy to work with him. He has a professional touch for his job.



What do you enjoy most about being a model? Have you been modeling outside Latvia? (Where, how was it? What did you like? etc.)


- As a model, I don't have experience in foreign countries.. Except a little in Greece demonstrating furs and being as a model in a Drift Competition.


What kind of music do you listen to? (Artists, songs, your favorite)


- I enjoy the music depending on my mood. I enjoy good club music, DJ Original tracks, for example music of Sensation White... Armin van Buuren... I like some artists - James, Enrique Iglesias, Robie Williams. Madonna... and a lot of others, from Latvian Pop, of course. I like A-Europa. I was dancing in this band. I love Russian pop artists and their performances, because their songs/words, have a power..


If you would imagine your dream photo session, where would it be and what kind of music would be in the background? (And anything else you can imagine in the photo session – people, design, feelings etc.)


- Woow very good question.... A lot of times, when I got offers for photo sessions, I would think – What else could I think of that would be interesting? Of course, the most alluring is something new, and unprecedented. I would gladly like to be photographed on an ice land, or where there is blue water, white sands and horizontal palm trees :)))))) For example, Dominican Republic. In the background there could be something slightly romantic... Their land, and their music would be the most appropriate... Another dream photo session could be somewhere in England, somewhere in an aristocratic manor.... The last Century's 50's, or even further back, preferrably during the Autumn season, the following songs by NINA SIMONE- "DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD" (1964), (That is a very good song). Otherwise there could be Bobby Womack's - "If You Think You're Lonely Now",could be In the background


What is your desire (-s) in life?


I'm definitely enough with the best!

Everything or nothing!

Everything that happens, happens to the best!



What is your purpose in life for the moment?


- For the moment the most important for me is to develop my dancing skills, continuing my work and maybe just stay as a make-up artist, because that is a job where I can do my best, and to take care of my daughter and get married.



What do you wish for all your YouNationwide fans?


- Keep smiling, believe in your dreams and reach your goals!!!




Thank you,


Laura, Dream Models Worldwide